Reviews for The Truehearts latest release "Purgatory Emporium"​

The Daily Country

April 2017

​"Goodbye Virginia… 10 hours west to Nashville… I’m looking for a promise I don’t know if I’ll find.” So sing The Truehearts on their second CD, Purgatory Emporium which documents the  duo's  -  life partners Debra Buonaccorsi and Steve McWilliams - move from the Virginia area to Nashville on a  ten track collection that is awash with jangly guitars, bouyant melodies, pristine harmonies, and heartfelt, relatable lyrics. 

One of the album's standout tracks, "Simple Life," is an honest look at the difficult choices we make in life - and the questions that accompany them. 

"Maybe I should have chosen a simpler life
Maybe I should have chosen sunnier skies
Wish that I could see through different eyes
Maybe  a simple life is just a lie"

The Alternate Root

March 2017

The Truehearts (from the album Purgatory Emporium)

"Love is for sale at Purgatory Emporium. The album is the recent release from Nashville, Tennessee duo, The Truehearts. The pair set up marketplace stalls for each song, displaying matters of the heart that put an ominous rhythm under “Oh My” as clouds gather around its lonely character while wet weather falls on the choices found in “Simple Life”, and “The Mountain” rises up on sharp angles of chords and beats. The Truehearts gather tales on Purgatory Emporium, staging the tales with defined characters who purposefully accept their fates in “Roll of the Dice”, willfully trust their own intuition with “Working on My Soul”, and hold on to the good luck of the present as they rip pages from the past for “Better Now”.

Life partners and bandmates Debra Buonaccorsi and Steve McWilliams have been together as a couple for ten years and making music as The Truehearts for four years. The pair found themselves growing tired of careers in musical theatre with a project that took them to New York City. A decision was made to draw the curtains on big production to focus on writing music for themselves. A move to Nashville came after making a demo in NYC. Purgatory Emporium puts Dave Coleman in the producer’s seat who lends his guitar work to the album. The Truehearts bid “Goodbye, Virginia” on a jangly bounce and take “Photograph” to the realization that you cannot rewrite life as the tale floats over a dreamy Americana soundscape as Purgatory Emporium finds a woman stuck in the moment and trapped by her mistakes in “She Waits”."