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  • Sunshine and Violets0:00
  • PFC Frankie Walker0:00
  • Goodbye0:00
  • Roll of The Dice4:33
  • Goodbye Virginia4:03




​Adam Dawson at

Broken Jukebox Media


​"This is as eclectic as any album can get but somehow it all hangs together because it’s so well thought out, arranged, and brilliantly executed. It’s not just a harmonious blending of voices; it’s that and the blending of so many styles that hit on a wide range of emotions too. Other bigger name duos will undoubtedly earn coveted awards, but the Truehearts are likely more deserving. This album is several cuts above the rest. "

- Jim Hynes (Glide Magazine)

"With a knack for melody and sharp storytelling, The Truehearts have made a terrific album of modern Americana. Steve and Debra blend everything from '30s string bands, '50s rock'n'roll, '70s Petty, '80s Ramones, and 21st century folk into a warm-yet-sharp blend of well-observed tunes, full of layered harmonies and apt arrangements. Keep your ears open for The Truehearts."
- Eric Brace (Red Beet Records / Last Train Home / Brace-Cooper-Jutz)

"The TrueHearts’ new album, Songs for Spike, is all heart—the kind of album that tells honest tales of love and life with poetic clarity, heighted by the harmonies of co-leaders Debra Buonaccorsi and Steve McWilliams and their mesh of electric and acoustic guitars. The expertly played arrangements are a perfect fit for their lyrics, both settling into and slightly pushing the envelope of Americana and roots rock with flourishes of banjo of odd turns of six-string like the bubbling intro to “Milky Way” and the chiming expressionist colors that heighten the drama of the telling “Late July.” Songs for Spike is packed with simple truths—which are the best kind—and immensely easy to fall in love with."
-  Ted Drozdowski, Senior Editor, Premier Guitar Magazine

Photos by Stacie Huckeba


Photos by Robb Preis

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The Truehearts are a Nashville based Americana/Roots duo comprised of singer/songwriters Debra Buonaccorsi & Steve McWilliams. Their music is characterized by close harmonies and close ties to the roots of American music, full of harmonies and hooks to raise a smile, and lyrics that range from love and yearning to dreams and cautionary tales. Originally from the Washington DC area, The Truehearts tour throughout the US and have become a fixture in the East Nashville Americana scene.